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In   this   area   we   talk   about   possibilities   of   cooperation   even   without   agreement to   one   of   the   last   mentioned   cooperation   variants.   We   jump   in   here   for   a   short while   to   help   you   with   your   sales   activities.   After   completing   the   project,   we   are happy to talk about further cooperation if interested. Product Introduction: You   have   developed   a   new   product   and   the   market   launch   is   pending   or   you want   to   promote   a   proven   product   in   our   country.   In   Austria,   we   can   gladly   take over   for   you.   According   to   your   wishes,   we   contact   potential   customers   to introduce the new product. We will then discuss the further procedure in a personal meeting. Help with marketing activities Congresses,   fairs   and   various   other   events   tie   up   a   good   portion   of   your employees.   Here   we   are   happy   to   assist   you   with   planning,   preparation   and implementation.   Stand   support   and   the   whole   thing   around   the   event,   we   can take   over   for   you.   After   the   event,   we   can   also   take   care   of   the   follow-up   care of interested customers. Contact us and discuss your wishes with us. and much more … Professional   customer   service   is   our   top   priority.   Any   possibilities   to   assist   you in   sales   would   go   beyond   the   scope   of   this   page.   In   a   personal   interview,   we determine   the   problems   and   work   together   with   you   to   create   an   individual package of support for you. Call us on +43 676 905 36 26 or send an e-mail to office@salesforce-agency.at. We will contact you immediately.
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