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External sales: We   take   over   the   entire   field   service   for   you   in   Austria.   Caring   for   your   customers   is   a special concern of ours. Lower costs: The   cost   of   own   field   service,   including   motor   vehicles,   travel   expenses,   office   costs, etc. are on average € 10,000.00 per month. By   working   with   several   companies,   we   can   reduce   these   costs   for   you,   depending   on the   agreement,   to   a   maximum   of   €   5,000.00   excl.   VAT. Absolute   loyalty   is   self-evident. At the same time, we will never promote competitor products. The support of individual customers or regions is offered by us. Normally,   the   bond   is   one   year.   However,   at   an   additional   cost,   we   can   also   offer shorter   engagement,   for   example   for   certain   projects   such   as   trade   fair   support   or product launches. Environmental Protection: Lower    mileage    due    to    shared    customer    support    for    several    companies    means    of course   a   lower   environmental   impact.   In   all   other   respects,   too,   we   pay   attention   to   the environmentally conscious use of natural resources. Sales Agency: Even    the    classic    sales    agency    is    very    interesting    for    some    companies.    Since    it cooperates   on   commission   basis   here   fixed   costs   do   not   come   to   fruition.   With   low sales,   the   costs   are   low.   With   rising   sales,   costs   increase   and   climb   so   fast   over   the sales force variant. As   individual   as   your   company,   we   individually   tailor   our   customer   service   to   your wishes or to the needs of your customers. Direct sales: Direct   sales   via   the   Sales   Force   Agency   are   only   provided   in   the   following   conditions. In   order   to   be   able   to   offer   our   customers   optimal   prices,   we   keep   our   stock   as   low   as possible. This is provided under the conclusive conditions: with Commission camp: In   order   to   keep   the   delivery   time   short,   the   manufacturer   provides   a   commission warehouse. with regular warehouse: These are only accessories required for equipment placed on the market. without warehouse: This   is   of   course   the   preferred   version.   Due   to   immediate   delivery,   the   goods   arrive within a short time, storage is not required.